Off Campus Testing

Students who live more than 60 miles from the Onondaga Community College campus can choose to complete placement testing off campus by finding a proctor to administer the test for them. Many colleges and universities have testing centers which allow students from other schools to take tests. There may be a fee per each exam taken. Students are responsible for all fees incurred while taking exams.

Proctoring an Exam

Proctors are individuals that are responsible for supervising you as you take an exam. Proctors are needed to ensure educational integrity while the student is taking the exam. Examples of acceptable proctors are:

  • College testing center personnel
  • Superintendent
  • Principal
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Military education director
  • Librarian

Relatives, friends or co-workers are NOT eligible to proctor exams. If you have questions about proctor requirements, call (315) 498-2000.

After you have found your proctor, submit a Proctor Request Form at least three days before you plan to take the test. Proctors must have a professional email address ending in .edu, .gov, etc. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or similar addresses will NOT be accepted.

Exams must be taken at an educational, professional or governmental institution, not at the proctor’s or student’s place of residence.