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Study Abroad

Start at Onondaga Community College and you can go just about anywhere-literally. Our Study Abroad program will provide you with opportunities to explore distant places as you discover your own place in the world. Take a semester or the whole summer. Study a foreign language. Learn firsthand about other cultures. Make lifelong friends. 

Study Abroad Trips at Onondaga

Each year Onondaga offers students the chance to take a trip to visit ancient ruins and explore different cultures across the world.  This year students will be going to the Mayan Riviera and Belize.  

Learn more about this years trip. 

SUNY Overseas Program

Since Onondaga Community College is an institution within the State University of  New York system, OCC students may participate in many of the numerous SUNY study abroad programs. However, students accepted to a SUNY overseas program still register at OCC. If eligible, financial aid may be used to pay for these programs.

It is important to note that you have to plan ahead if you are interested in studying abroad. For example, financial aid must be filed by October 15 for Spring semester and February 15 for Fall sessions.  In addition, various overseas programs have early admissions deadlines. You need to start your preparation a semester in advance of when you want to go abroad.

To be eligible you must be at least 18 years of age. You must have completed 30 credit hours. You must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. You must have a written faculty recommendation. Other qualifications may apply by program.  Find out more about the SUNY Study Abroad Program 

Global Education Skills Alliance (GESA)

GESA is a not-for-profit education consortium with life changing and career goals at its forefront. Consisting of high quality and dedicated education institutions internationally, GESA is determined to establish positive changes in education and training to prepare students for work and beyond.  Through a partnership with Onondaga, students can take advantage of the wide range of education and language programs that can be accessed as either short or long term exchanges and study abroad options with GESA.

For more information, please visit the Global Education Skills Alliance website.