College for Living

College for Living provides educational opportunities for developmentally disabled adult citizens in Onondaga County. Classes are offered at Onondaga Community College. With the support of Onondaga Community College, CNY Developmental Disabilities Services Office, and human service agencies throughout the Syracuse area, College for Living is able to provide a unique and purposeful opportunity for the student in a "normalized," socially integrated setting.

Day and evening non-credit coursesare kept small to insure that each student gets individual attention and is able to set personal goals. The typical semester lasts ten weeks. A wide variety of courses focus on independent living skills including Money Math, Reading, First Aid and Safety, Interpersonal Skills, Human Relationships and Sexuality, Basic Cooking, Microwave Cooking, A New You, Assertiveness, Art, Crafting, Aerobics, Yoga, Relaxation Workshops, and Computer Training. New courses are offered each semester.


Foundations (formerly Passages)

Foundations Transition program, a Medicaid waiver funded program located on the college campus, provides a setting for students to develop independence, employment, and social skills. Special education students who are labeled MR mild, at least 19 years of age (age 20-21 is preferred), and are exiting high school with an IEP diploma may apply for admission to the program. Foundations provides a setting where students practice communication and problem solving abilities to increase their options for independent living, interpersonal relationships, and employability.

Foundations is located in the Health and Physical Education Building at Onondaga Community College. The building is completely accessible and located on public transportation lines.  Campus and off-site experiences are stressed for the student’s personal benefit and to provide an arena to apply and evaluate skills learned. Download a Foundations brochure for additional information.

New Visions

New Visions is a week long “full time” college experience for students with developmental disabilities. Students reside on campus, sleep in air-conditioned residence halls, eat at the cafeteria, and integrate with other summer school students and participants of summer programs. Our goal is to provide a safe but stimulating learning environment, packed with choices and opportunities to allow each student to understand and enjoyably apply the independent living and social skills that are stressed in the classes. After a week of course work, activities and community experience culminate with “yearbooks”, a prom and a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns.

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