OCC Foundation Scholarships

How Do I Become Eligible for a Foundation Scholarship?

OCC Foundation Scholarships are made possible through the generosity of contributors to the OCC Foundation and are administered through the Financial Aid Office. 

Foundation scholarships are both financial and merit based, and eligibility may require a specific GPA, program of study, etc.  Some scholarships may require an essay, letters of recommendation, or interview.  A majority of Foundation scholarships require that students have an up-to-date Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file in the Financial Aid office.  Early submission is recommended. 

File FAFSA online  (Onondaga's FAFSA School Code: 002875) 

Once students file their FAFSA and register for classes at Onondaga, they immediately become candidates for Foundation scholarships.  A majority of scholarships require no application form, however, some do.  In that case, the Financial Aid office contacts eligible candidates and asks them to provide additional information.  For some, students must self identify.  Candidates are then required to meet specific deadlines to remain eligible. Recipients of OCC Foundation scholarships are notified by the Financial Aid Office.  Notices for some scholarships will appear on campus monitors when they become available. 

Listing of OCC Foundation Scholarships